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A virtual office in the Netherlands

Are you looking for a professional business registration address in the Netherlands? A virtual office in the Netherlands at DamOffice (located in Amsterdam) is the easiest way to do this. You can use the DamOffice address as your registered address and correspondence address that you communicate to all your customers and business partners.

Renting a virtual office in the Netherlands at DamOffice? Then you ensure that you have a registered address for the Chamber of Commerce, as well as the possibility to rent physical office or meeting space at our location. A smart and significantly more affordable alternative to renting or purchasing your own office space. Whether you are starting a new business or already active with your own company, a virtual office in the Netherlands is currently the best option in most cases. Even if you live abroad.

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Check out our packages: Get your own address online and within hours

As an entrepreneur, you attract and retain customers by highlighting your unique selling points and the high quality of your products and/or services. However, that is no longer sufficient today. Customers and business partners also want to be sure that they are doing business with a reliable and healthy company. DamOffice offers you a professional and representative business location address. Not just anywhere in the Netherlands, but in the bustling city of Amsterdam. A location in the capital city is immediately associated with creativity and progressiveness: an image that will not harm any business.

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Our packages

Below you can find an overview of our packages. Do you have questions? Feel free to call +31 85 401 82 59 or email info@damoffice.nl

Monthly payment

Business registration address

€ 34,95 month

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The amounts mentioned are exclusive of 21% VAT. One-year contract

  • Pay two months in advance, then pay monthly
  • Located in the center of Amsterdam
  • Includes mail handling
  • Mail received every 7 days
  • Set up within a few hours

Annual payment

Business registration address

€ 28,95 month

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The amounts mentioned are exclusive of 21% VAT. One-year contract.

  • Pay annually
  • Invoice at €347.40 ex VAT
  • No security deposit
  • Located in the center of Amsterdam
  • Includes mail handling
  • Mail received every 7 days
  • Set up within a few hours

Customized package

Business registration address

N.o.t.k month

Choose Your Package

For registration of more than one company (e.g. holding + subsidiary)

  • Multiple registrations
  • Profit from discounts
  • Located in the center of Amsterdam
  • Includes mail handling
  • Mail received every 7 days
  • Set up within a few hours
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Business address in Amsterdam

A virtual office in compliance with the regulations of the Chamber of Commerce

According to the Dutch Trade Register Act, it is mandatory for businesses to register a business or office address. More specifically, this law states that this must be a physical address where one has an office space, a desk, and other necessary equipment to carry out work activities. Using a home address is permitted, but due to the reduced privacy that results, it is increasingly less preferred.

DamOffice offers entrepreneurs a virtual office in the Netherlands, fully in compliance with the rules of the Chamber of Commerce. At our professional business location address in Amsterdam, it is possible to rent a fully equipped office space. DamOffice stands for a unique price-quality ratio.

A virtual office in the Netherlands does not have to be located in the same region as where your commercial activities are concentrated. In fact, a business registration address can also be used by entrepreneurs who have their permanent residence abroad.

From registration to your own office in Amsterdam

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A professional address

The flexibility and space you need

With a virtual office in the Netherlands, entrepreneurs have everything they need: a registration address that keeps your private address private, a correspondence address including bi-weekly mail service, and the ability to rent physical space. Whether and how often you do this is entirely up to you. Our building is representative and located in the center of the capital.

DamOffice wants to give entrepreneurs the flexibility and space they need. Ingredients that are the foundation of the development of every business. Do you want to work from home but keep your private address private? Are you in the middle of a move? Or do you live abroad? In these and various other situations, renting a virtual office in the Netherlands is the solution you're looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

At DamOffice, we offer various packages. Monthly costs are lower with a year contract than with a month contract. If you want to register multiple companies, ask for a custom package.
The package prices you see on our website are the prices excluding VAT. Our services have a VAT rate of 21%. So you multiply the prices by 1.21 to get the net amount.
You can use our virtual office address as your correspondence address. However, using this address as a return address for package deliveries is not possible.
Yes, you can. Entrepreneurs who live abroad but are commercially active in the Netherlands can also rent a KvK registration address at DamOffice, with all the possibilities we offer, such as actually renting physical office space. However, a condition is that you have a permanent residence address abroad.
A post address is used to receive mail that is sent to you. You cannot use this address as a registration address for the KvK because it does not meet the legal requirements for a physical office space. A registration address, on the other hand, is a physical office space that meets the legal requirements and can be used as an official registration address for the KvK.
Having a virtual office comes with many benefits, including using it as a registered address for the Chamber of Commerce and as an official correspondence address. Additionally, with DamOffice, you will benefit from the free bi-weekly mail service. A virtual office allows you to keep your personal address private and provides you with a professional office location that instills confidence in your customers.
At DamOffice, you can register a sole proprietorship, CV, VOF, BV, partnership, association, foundation, NV, or Ltd: any type of business. Please note that businesses operating in certain industries, such as narcotics or the adult industry, cannot register with us.
Yes, if you register multiple businesses on our virtual office in the Netherlands, you will be eligible for an attractive discount. Contact us to discuss the details of a custom package.

A business address in Amsterdam

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You can easily register with us by filling out the form on this page. After filling out the form, we will ask you to identify yourself. Afterwards, you will receive an agreement by email from us.

  • Set up within hours
  • Mail every 2 weeks
  • Suitable for KvK

After completing the form you will receive an immediate response from us. Questions? Mail (info@damoffice.nl) or call +31854018259

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By filling in the form you can register your company with DamOffice. It is possible to register more than one company.

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